We offer a price match option so our loyal customers do not have to go elsewhere. We do reserve the right to decline to match a price, but in most cases we will honor price match requests with other websites. In order to qualify for a price match the following conditions must be met:

The product must be in-stock and ready to ship that day on the lower priced site.

The price must be displayed online or you must have paperwork showing you have purchased the item at said price recently.

Coupons or discounts codes cannot be used on top of a price match.

The item must be exactly the same as the product you want to order from us.

The price match must be requested before or during your order with us. No requests will be honored once the item has shipped.


Each month Bart Hoffmann has items on sale. You can view these sale items under the “Special Offers” tab. If you are not currently receiving our monthly and weekly emails, please send us an email to and we will add you to our mailing lists.


Bart Hoffmann has 3 wholesale pricing levels and teaching facility pricing. If you blow glass full time, are a high volume shop or have a retail store front selling lamp-working supplies give us an email or call. You may qualify for one of our wholesale pricing levels.