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The Bart Hoffmann studios history starts from 1982, when Bart, a young man at that time, was obsessed with numismatics and demonstrated great interest in ob jets dart and painting. A bit older Bart, a successful machine engineer, fell in love with jewelry and created the first adornments of his brand. Glassblowing Equipment Tools & Supplies.
Initially, Bart learned to create adornments on his own, using books and manuals. By that time, he had traveled much, seen and tested innovative production technologies. Then, however, during some recent years, Bart has been studying, and still studies, jewelry arts and murano glass design from famous artists of Venice, Bohemia, and Germany.
The designers major goal is to reveal a jewelry items magnificence and luxury when combined with murano glass, gems, precious metals, and fine woods. Bart developed products and implemented accessories at one of the biggest foundries in China.
To expand his activity scope, Bart and his wife have founded a new brandBart Hoffmannin Israel in 2014. In compliance with European traditions, the company was named after its founder, which stresses its family nature and personal responsibility for quality.
The studio is situated in the very heart of the countrynear the Diamond Exchange, which is deservedly believed to be one of the major jewelry capitals of the world. Bart develops and implements concepts of new brand items daily.
At present, the studio employs jewelry designers, glassblowers, cabinetmakers, and foundry workers. There is also a factory in China, which works according to western standards, is run by qualified personnel, and observes European traditions of production and high quality.
All professionals who work in the studio treat each item or adornment with love. Bart Hoffmann is a fastgrowing company. For one year, it has transformed from a small family workshop into an international enterprise. While growing, the company remains committed to a spirit of perfectionism, positive changes, and desire to achieve an ultimate level. Progress and continuous improvement of quality, design, maintenance, and support made it possible to reveal a new brandBart Hoffmannto the world, to label all companys products sold worldwide. Nowadays, you can find Bart Hoffmann branded adornments in jewelry stores and private collections. All those items were created in the same studio and are a guarantee of exquisite quality.

Continuous progress is the main motif of exclusive jewelry from Bart Hoffmann. The collection was opened in 2015. The master was inspired by the beauty of adornments he produced, so he conceived to play them up in a unique souvenirDragons Head.
Its peculiarity is that it was made of fine woods, precious metals, and murano glass.
For example, the eyes, which give this creature a powerful look, are made of murano glass; the head is the basis made of African wood roots; horns are silver and gold pieces.
Amazingly, this great dragon can follow you with his eyes, no matter which side you are looking at it from! Its like it turns his neck down and up or right and left.
This model is a limited edition with silver and gold versions. To advance, the designers have developed a mystic personage theme, which is to be announced in new brand lines.
In compliance with the seriesconcept, ‘Mystic animalsare represented by jewelry items once again.
The flora and fauna theme was developed in new unique models designed and implemented by Bart. Both a WildBerry bracelet created by Bart and Cherry Blossom necklace and earrings are directly connected with brand jewelry items of the studio.
Decorative parts of earrings, pendants, and necklaces were used for the models exterior decoration.
WildBerry preserves brightness, juiciness, and mobility of its elements, just like in wild life. The berries are so realistic that you feel like tasting them.
The entire sculptures are made of murano glass, silver, and gold and decorated with semiprecious stones and Swarovski crystals. The adornments were produced in a limited number, each of them being unique.
During the production, murano glass sculptures undergo various physical processes like fuming and hot glass hand molding. This is why there are no two identical shapes or colors.
The concept of conquering new highs and achievements has found its development in the most grandiose modelflower candlesticks. Fully made of glass, the candlesticks amaze with their grandeur and scale.
The model was created from scratch as a single piece of arts. Bart derived his inspiration from Jewish retrocandlesticks. When combined with creative vision, the model got futuristic traits to show the connection between traditions, new ideas, and trends in Bart Hoffmann adornments.

The series peculiarity was not overlooked; jewelry item elements were used to decorate a middle flower vase, which transforms the candlesticks into a blooming raspberry bush.
Candlesticks are unique and fine work. The model uses more than forty glass flowers and berries, each of them being fixed manually.
There are only two copies of Sabbath candlesticks.
A murano glass sculpture is a result of a masters long and thorough work. It was made using one burner and simple accessories only.
As for the rest, the master handles such physical parameters as gravitation, temperature, and glass mass. Manually, in the burners flame at 1150 C, the master creates textures and patterns in different techniques known for centuries.
A filigree fine ornament resembling a jewelry lace is amazing in its airiness and elegance and evokes associations with a real lace.
The brands adornments are a combination of many yearsproduction experience with modern jewelry technologies and innovations. The desire to grow, to achieve new and new levels, drives the brands masters to create adornments and sculptures of the ultimate quality and actual design.