Thickness 2/5″ (10 mm) – high quality premium grade graphite paddle 3″x4″ feature an extra long solid beech or oak handle, making it perfect for lathe use. Features a strong and solid point of attachment and a high grade of graphite for extended life. Premium grade graphite is 2/5″ thick and available in various sizes.

Handle length is 10″ from where connected to the graphite, to the end of the wood handle. Also the handle length might be variable from 9″ to 15″ and it depends on the Changeable Stainless Steel Rod with thread, that you can choose in our store and replace by yourself.

The diameter of the wood handle is about 3/4″ (19 mm). All components of this paddle are exchangeable. For example if you broke a graphite part, so you can buy only it and replace by yourself. You don't need to buy whole tool again.

  • High quality and high precision
  • Each product comes in branded packaging
  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Fast and cheap delivery to your region