We offer a price match option so our loyal customers do not have to go elsewhere. We do reserve the right to decline to match a price, but in most cases we will honor price match requests with other websites. In order to qualify for a price match the following conditions must be met:

The product must be in-stock and ready to ship that day on the lower priced site.

The price must be displayed online or you must have paperwork showing you have purchased the item at said price recently.

Coupons or discounts codes cannot be used on top of a price match.

The item must be exactly the same as the product you want to order from us.

The price match must be requested before or during your order with us. No requests will be honored once the item has shipped.


Each month Bart Hoffmann has items on sale. You can view these sale items under the “Special Offers” tab. If you are not currently receiving our monthly and weekly emails, please send us an email to barthoffmann4@gmail.com and we will add you to our mailing lists.


Bart Hoffmann has 3 wholesale pricing levels and teaching facility pricing. If you blow glass full time, are a high volume shop or have a retail store front selling lamp-working supplies give us an email or call. You may qualify for one of our wholesale pricing levels.


Our default method is IPS – Israel Postal Services or EMS. Other arrangements can be made if necessary. We can ship via UPS also but it will additional charges according to UPS terms and conditions. Our staff will attempt to give you a shipping estimate upon checkout but it is only an estimate and can vary greatly at times. Shipping quotes are available by email us or going to postil.com.


Orders received by 2:30 PM (IST – Israel Standard Time) on normal business days are guaranteed to ship the same day. Guarantee applies to items in stock only, shipping via UPS.


We can guarantee your order will ship the same day when placed after 2:30 PM with the addition of a $10.00 rush charge.


Bart Hoffmann cares about keeping shipping costs as low as possible.  We have different stock box sizes (including 4 custom sizes) to select from when we pack you order? We always keep your costs in mind when packing your orders and we believe having a box for every occasion helps.

We take Care and Pride in every order placed with us. We operate with methods in place to assure maximum accuracy and minimum breakage in our shipments.


We ship internationally as long as your country permits the necessary items and box requirements for you. When placing your order online please write “International Shipping” upon checkout. After your order is placed (your credit card will NOT be charged) we will evaluate the order and email with an estimated shipping quote and any shipping options if available. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


If there are issues with your shipment please notify us as soon as possible so we correct the problem. Once 5 business days have passed since receipt we are unable to place claims with the shipping company to request a refund. If items are missing or not correct we are also unable to issue refunds or ship replacement product due to package being out of our hands for so long. It is your right to inspect your package while the delivery company waits for your signature. Once you sign for the shipment you are waving your right to future claims unless you note damage.


Online Stock Status – Our real time stock status gives you the comfort of knowing whether the product you are searching for is on hand as you are browsing our website. Products that are not drop ship items and/or are not in stock will display an out of stock message to let you know. We will contact you if you order an out of stock item to update you on the status of the product and offer related items. If an out of stock product prohibits you from ordering from us please contact us and check the status. Most items are on the way to us if they are out of stock and will be shipped promptly when they arrive.


Back orders shipping domestically are sent according to post office prices of shipping and handling charges. We work to gather all back ordered items before any shipping or billing occurs. We hold back orders open for 30 days. We will make every attempt to acquire the back ordered items within that time period. If there are items we were not able to acquire within 30 days we will ship any back order items we do have, remove the missing items from the order and email you when they do become available.

If in the rare instance our inventory is inaccurate when you place an order we will contact you via phone and/or email to notify you. We will then wait 24 hours for a response. If we do not hear back from you we will remove the product from your order. If you are interested in having the item back order, you will need to contact us so we can create a back order.


First and foremost we want you to be 100% satisfied with every purchase. If you order a product and are not completely satisfied with it you may return the item. You must notify Bart Hoffmann and return the goods within 14 business days of receiving the product. Once the merchandise is received in new condition with the original packaging, a store credit or credit card/check refund will be issued. Depending on the circumstances there may be a restocking fee of up to 20%.


Currently we accept PayPal, Western Union and direct bank transfers ($30 fee). We will also accept prepayment with a domestic check or money order (personal checks must clear, approximately 2 weeks, before an order can be sent out). PayPal – Please note that this is a better form of payment for us to accept but can delay your order. This occurs when the actual amount owed differs from the amount sent to us via PayPal at the time of order placement. Minor changes occur due to weighing, packing and processing the product for shipment, which can result in a refund or request for additional funds. if additional funds are needed we will not be able to ship the order until the funds have been received, which leads to delays in shipping your package.


Please keep in mind that changing an order does require additional work for us and does leave more room for error to occur. Also, changing an order can cause delays since once a change is made the time stamp on the order goes to the time the change was made. It is also much easier for us to edit an order before it is packaged. Once an order is packaged we may need to charge an additional handling fee due to having to un-box the order, re-pack, re-weigh and print new labels. We have always been happy to help our customers in any way, but please try to keep the number of order changes to as few as possible.


When we write you e-mail regarding your order, it helps everyone if you read and answer to your email immediately without ado. This way you will know what the request was in regards to and who to ask for. Sometimes the staff member who emailed you before may be busy on another task or order, in this case other staff member will contact you to complete your order and answer questions.  We are always happy to help if you do not know this information, but it makes it more difficult. Thank you for understanding.